Jonah. (I know he was apart of another blog, but this time it’s all about him!)

When you here Jonah, what do you think of? I think of whale. Which is not right, because Jonah’s story is not supposed to be all about a sea creature! It is about us.

Now, there are some people who think the book of Jonah is a parable, a story, not actual history. And there are others who think it did actually happen. Well, we are not getting into all that. We are just going to study what we are given, either way.

We all know this story, the guy who is trapped in a fish for several days. But let’s REALLY look at it.

Jonah is arguably one of the least faithful people in the Bible. I mean, he ran away from God’s will. But you see, he did so much more than just run away.

In the Bible, we see that he runs to Tarshish. (What a weird name.) Tarshes was, as far as people knew back then, as far to the West as you could go. It was literally the edge of the world as they knew it. And Nineveh was far to the east. HE LITERALLY GOT AS FAR AWAY FROM GOD”S WILL AS HE POSSIBLY COULD! That shows a serious lack of faith. He was so set on not preaching to Nineveh, he fled as far as he could from God. That is really sad, but a perfect picture of us.

Jonah is about so much more than a whale

Do you want to here something funny? The Bible says his name is Jonah son of Amittai. Jonah means dove, (a picture of the Holy Spirit) and Amittai means faith. His name was actually Dove son of Faith!!! Oh the irony! But a perfect picture of us

I think at times we all look like Jonah. We all say no, we all run. Like Jonah, we are called to be sons and daughters of faith, but we don’t always follow that path. Here is another thing; we sometimes do listen to God, but not with a good attitude… just like Jonah. Jonah eventually went, but then pouted afterward. We do that too. We need to do exactly as God says, with a good attitude. Faith is required to be a Christian. Obedience to God is important to be a Christian. Do we have faith? Do we obey like we should? Let’s read Jonah for what it is, a “don’t do this” guide. Don’t do what Jonah did guys. Don’t flee from God. Don’t avoid his will for you. Embrace it! It is what is best for you, and those around you. God needs us to help bring others to him, let’s not get in the way of that.

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With the love of Christ, -Jonathan

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